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About Doctor For House Call

All human beings of all age group sometime in their lives have medical conditions that need medical attention and they need to see a Doctor . Generally the point of first contact is the local GP or medical center .Most of the time adults walk into the medical clinics and children go accompanied to the family doctor to manage their medical ailments .However, when you have elderly at home which cannot move due to variety of reasons the Doctor needs to come home and do the needful . His role is preventing major illness and therapeutic & that is treating the current medical condition
Our team is presently small but is growing because we have stringent rules for inducting Doctors to our service . Our service is like a good medical clinic that comes to your home. We can take blood samples and relevant diagnostic tests from your home itself.A large variety of procedures can be done in the home care settings .


Physical rehabilitation

Not physiotherapy but we do graduated rehabilitation for patients after heat surgery and those having weaker heart . Our Physiotherapist will have a tailor made program Come and discuss.

GERD Clinic

A very common condition in which those above 60 get into .We have dedicated gastroenterologist which work with elderly and make life easier and nutritionist to decide what is best for you .

AGE 65 or over

Flu can be more severe in people aged 65 or over. Flu can lead to serious complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia (a lung infection), and you could end up in hospital.Get a flu vaccine now.


We have dedicated dental Surgeon who works with elderly and  their dental concerns . We also provide medical back while the implant or root canal surgery is being done .

Menopause clinic

A dedicated clinic for the ladies to come for medical cheq up and handle the menopause and live with it comfortable .We have higly experienced  Gynecologists .

Live Clinic

A dedicate clinic for those with Alcoholic liver disease . The clinic offers treatment and dedications plans for those above 50 years .Self help groups are already working